Vintage Watches

Since May 2015 I have been discovering the  world of Vintage Watches.


Writing for a great client, Momentum Dubai, I have taken over the role of creating in-depth reviews on watches, watchmakers, technical insights, and all things related to the haute horologie industry.

saherFeedback Comments:

logo-bottom2The work involves weekly blogs on the company website, weekly articles for Esquire Dubai, and monthlies for Esquire Magazine and AIR magazine (for private jet owners).

The articles are all aimed at enthusiasts and collectors, high-end watch nuts and anyone with an interest in timekeeping. The tone is professional, yet approachable, aimed at drawing interest to the exclusive watch boutique in Dubai’s commercial center. The magazine articles are more upbeat, and feature themes that appeal to the target audience.

Writing every week on behalf of the proprietor, Tariq Maliq, I have discovered that the watch world goes incredibly deep, and that it is filled with amazing stories and insights. The history, evolution and craftsmanship of mechanical watches is a fascinating niche.

Here are some links, so feel free to browse, but beware, the subject becomes addictive!

Momentum Dubai weekly blogs. (feel free to explore the archives up to June 2015)

Esquire Magazine Online (Weekly articles)

Esquire Magazine online (another example)

AIR magazine (Unfortunately this isn’t available online, but take a look at the .pdf): Top Flight Vintage Aviator Watches (.pdf file)

Esquire Magazine (In print) Your Personality Profles as defined by Your Watch (.pdf file)