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A Call to Your Highest Self

Come – free the true art inside your deepest self. Learn the art of letting go.

eBooks for Mentors

Every mentor has something unique to offer the world. The eBooks in this collection were designed to add value to people’s lives, and inspire change.

History of Kung Fu

The story of Kung fu in China is a particularly charming one. Read more about this article for The Complete Martial Artist Magazine, Australia.

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“Great writing style, extremely easy to work with. Very fast turn around. Thoroughly recommend ” 5 stars out of 5.

Stuart Hunter – The Complete Martial Artist Magazine


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The Age-Old Art of Writing is Always Evolving


Those of us who have spent years honing our penmanship, using nothing but that familiar pattern of keys under our fingertips, and every last scrap of our frazzled wits, don’t like to admit the sad truth of it: People simply don’t read like they used to.

doyle1“My books are now being read on what? A telephone? Don’t be absurd!”

Sorry Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but it’s true. Somewhere, someone is reading Sherlock Holmes, the abbreviated e-Book, on a smartphone or a tablet.

The brisk pace of technology, the popularity of video content, social media, and the mystifying new culture of the rising Millennials are changing the rules of the game.

Of course, that’s to be expected – everything is temporary, after all. Fortunately, we writers are adaptable creatures, even if we love to complain about it.

These days we might not have the screen real estate that allows us to show off our talents in quite as much flourishing detail as we’d like anymore, but the new shift is forcing us to become sharper, tighter, and more accessible. The Wordsmith craft is evolving – and it’s trickier than ever.

This new challenge is also a breath of fresh air.

As I see it, short, powerful books are far better than long and winding ones, even if the long ones let you escape into another dimension for days on end. I love old books too. I admit it, I’m a bookworm. When I’m on holiday, in a hammock, with a drink in my hand – I much prefer the old-fashioned variety.

I also see the place for innovation, and new kinds of writing. It keeps me young at heart, and open to life. In the end, where we read the words doesn’t matter as much as how they make us feel.

Amateurish writing sticks out like a thumb. Polished sentences soothe the subconscious mind.

If you’d like to hire me to ghostwrite, blog, edit, or think for you – please get in touch, so we can discuss all the details, including my rates, and my availability.

Let’s see if we’re the perfect match for your long-overdue project.