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Vintage Watches

The magic of vintage watches, articles for Momentum’s weekly blog, Esquire magazine, AIR magazine and more.

History of Kung Fu

The story of Kung fu in China is a particularly charming one. Read more about this article for The Complete Martial Artist Magazine, Australia.

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“Wayne is a great person to work with. I have enjoyed a great treat of professionalism, in both managing me with my requests as well as the content of work. The way he handles time is what a client wants to see: Honest what he can and can’t do, gives himself enough time to react … Continue reading Saher Khattab – Momentum Dubai

Saher Khattab – Momentum Dubai

Ramblings about writing:

The world of words can be a treacherous one. We use language to create bridges between our innermost thoughts and the minds and hearts of others. We use text as a grappling hook and a rope to scale the heights or reach the depths of experience, to motivate, coerce, persuade and to inspire.

What is it that makes a piece of writing stand out, become effective, and carry a useful message? In truth, it’s is very much a matter of social and personal perception. In reality, behind the smokescreen of the sentence lies the secret force of the mind and the heart of the writer, and that of the audience. A clear thinker tends to become a clear writer.

A good writer is a chameleon, able to take on the appearance that most suits the task at hand.

They look weird, but they’re inspirational creatures.

Like any other art form, words can be used in countless ways, ranging from the mundane, or purely functional, to the kind of words that stick with you for life. With so many aspiring writers on the market, why should you choose me?

The short answer: Because I’m good at it!

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